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We give helpful advice on all careers like what schools to go to, what scholarships are available, and more.

I hope the information you have found on modeling and acting within this page helps you in your career path. With many of our own staff who are models and actors, they have told us there really isn't that much help out there for models or actors who are just starting out in the business. So we came together with many modeling and talent agencies and individuals in the business to get and provide advice to help people within these industries.

Being that we are not for profit we wanted to give back and help models and actors who want to get into the business but you have to qualify for us to help you.

The help that we provide is professional tips on the industry, how to find jobs, what to watch out for when it comes to misleading photographers, and modeling/talent agencies. If you need pictures, we have trusted and professional photographers that will do photo shoots pro bono. We will tell you how to make money as a model where people will come to you for work but we will not find jobs for you but teach you how to find jobs and be an independent model or actress. We also have a reliable printer if you need comp cards.

To qualify we look for candidates that have a career in mind, who are attending college, may have kids, have a go-getting personality and must be reliable especially if we are taking the time to find people willing to help you.

What we are not looking for are candidates who don't have a business demeanor or have a personality that they know everything about the business. In addition they show lack of interest in developing leadership qualities, and have a negative attitude.

If you are not this type of individual and really need help, please submit a bio as to why you need the help, your contact information: full name, email and phone number and a couple of photos. If all information is not received in the email we do not consider or respond. We accept all sizes. We are very honest with everyone. You may not make it as a model but we provide essential business tools for anyone to succeed in a career.

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