We believe in the     fight for cancer
Every kid needs to have a     happy Christmas
Toy Drive
We want you to care     about your health
Free Fitness
DVD Project
we do this toy drive to see the     smiles on their faces
Toy Drive
We believe In     saving the community
Everybody needs a     chance to go to college

Scholarship Drive Fundraiser

Each year we raise funding for students that want to attend college and need money for books, supplies and even tuition. There are many underprivileged youth who need help and this is our way of giving back to those students who are less fortunate. We feel that education is very important to everyone’s future career and this is one step that we can take to make any students’ goal easier to reach.

Cancer Walk

Everyone finds courage in the face of uncertainty and we contribute our time to remember those who still struggle by participating in the Susan G. Komen cancer walk, American Diabetes walk, and many other fund raising causes for those who struggle to fight for their life to be able to have an active one.Each one of us knows someone who is affected by an ailment or may be going through it. We want these people to know that we are here to help them succeed and win the battle.

Annual Toy Drive

Children everywhere find happiness in a toy whether its fluffy, made of metal, is learning interactive or comes with a cool gadget. We want to help bring happiness to children that are forgotten. Each year during the holidays, we hold our annual toy drive and connect with kids from two years old to sixteen years in age who don’t have families or relatives. Many of these kids are also victims of abuse and neglect, so finding a small moment of happiness is seldom but we bring it too them and find happiness ourselves in their smiles.

Neighborhood Cleanup

We care about the environment we live in and want to help save the planet. Many public spaces that children may frequent are ridden with graffiti and trash. We want kids to have a place where they can feel safe to play in, so helping out to clean up a park in your neighborhood is something we like to do. This not only promotes a healthy active lifestyle for kids but beautification to the neighborhood.

Free Fitness DVD Project

High Cholesterol and obesity is affecting everyone particularly our youth that is why many of our staff members came together to teach students how to become active and promote a healthy lifestyle. We conducted fitness boot camps at local colleges, attended family and student health fairs and even put together and gave away over 42,000 fitness DVD’s. We did this because we care about your health and want you to live longer.

Giving Back To The Less Fortunate

Going through a life changing event can stop you from enjoying the most simplest of things, that is why when we heard about young kids who were burned victims or cancer patients we teamed up with organizations and companies like the Brooklyn Nets and handed out sporting event, and family entertainment tickets like basketball to the families of these victims so that they can experience something different and alleviate their mind from what they are going through. Many children even those that live in group homes have never experienced being at a sporting event so we gave tickets to Children’s Village, St. Christopher’s, and Hawthorne Group Home. Since we have done this, it has inspired many underprivileged youth to know that people do care and that they can make a difference no matter their disability or difference.

College Scholarships

Scholarship Drive

The Image for the College Life magazine and the Anderton Foundation, Inc. scholarship helps underprivileged students between the ages of 17 to 21 who are seeking a higher education to help develop their skills and achieve their future goals. We want every young person to succeed in the career of his or her choice and we believe that every student should fulfill his or her life goals whether it’s becoming an actor, nurse, engineer, graphic designer or waste management director.

Many students who have the skills to succeed and the desire to achieve more can’t attend college because they don’t have the financial resources, their family doesn’t have the financial resources and they don’t have the knowledge on how to apply for scholarships they may be qualified for.

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Our Humanitarian Efforts


Many students that visit our website looking for scholarship opportunities, career advice or just want to know about a college or want to improve their health are inspired by what we do and volunteer in one or many of the humanitarian things we are doing in the community. If you would like to participate in helping the magazine you can contact us. We can teach you life, leadership and social skills necessary for successful employment and your career development. Volunteering is also an awesome way to show an employer your commitment to community.

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We raise money for cancer because one of our members is a cancer survivor and everyone knows someone who is affected by cancer so we show our support by participating in this cause.


Everyone deserves to live in an environment that is clean and free from graffiti. We go to local communities to help clean up parks, recreation areas, community gardens and playgrounds so young people can have a safe and clean space to have fun.


We do an annual Toy Drive for children in need. Many children are left to childcare facilities that provide them some mentorship and educational care but more underprivileged children are finding their way through these facilities with no visits from immediate or extended families. With your contribution we are making a positive impact on the lives of these youths.


Many underprivileged youth who have been battered, raped, abandoned, abused or subjected to drug addiction and abusive environments, are left emotionally traumatized and socially scarred. We visit group homes, hospitals and schools to help provide some mentorship to underprivileged youth in career development and social skills.