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There may be public stigmatisms out there about fraternities and sororities however they do many unselfish and social community-benefiting events. They also instill positive attributes within their members’ such as responsibility, humility, leadership, camaraderie, sisterhood and brotherhood, loyalty, dedication and much more.

We are featuring videos on these institutions; to pay tribute, acknowledge their importance to the structure of collegiate life and the transformation of young men and women into public and social service. These individual stories about fraternities and sororities we not only hope you find them interesting but also educational. We invite you to enjoy the fraternity and sorority experience in these videos.

Inside the world of fraternities

    Is Fraternity Power mightier than the colleges?
    This video talks about how fraternities and their Alma Maters alleviate colleges of student housing, fuel funding sources to colleges, and claims of certain stigmatisms like hazing is least of a fraternities problem.  

    Did you know that many fraternities expect members to hold insurance or risk management policies but this coverage doesn't cover the member but the institution? Also colleges aren’t as involved in managing a fraternity because the more involved a college is in the monitoring of a fraternity the more they are legally exposed to risk of the fraternity and its members.    

Truth About Rush Week and Sororities

    Learn more about Rush week and get GREEK! This student provides really good advice on how to research your choices of a sorority and gives you a spectrum of her experiences in sorority life. She talks about leadership, mentorship, involvement, motivation, student association and having lots of fun that truly changed her expectations about what being GREEK was from watching a movie about college life to real life.  She talks about how her membership has provided many opportunities in her applications for scholarships, references, networking, employment and much more. Her advice was get outside of your comfort zone and make connections.

Sorority Advice!! FAQs, Recruitment, Sorority Life

    Q&A, learn about Sororities!
    Gamma Phi Beta member talks about what a sorority is and gives her personal advice about finding a sorority and her experience during RUSH. Each chapter is different from school to school and personalities differ in each school. The best way to learn which one is right for you is to go to events before even going to RUSH, and go to recruitment.

    What makes a sorority different? Not just its philanthropy but also its members, localities or being national or international.

    Be expected to pay for dues not friends. Dues are for housing, events, and social events like formals or semi-formals, humanitarian events etcetera. Join a sorority that fits your personality and similar values that you share and be yourself.

Why Should You Join a Fraternity?

    North American Interfraternity Conference (IFC) talks about that the success in life begins in school. Students talk about their fraternity experience as a building block to get leadership skills and get to the next level by not only making a difference in his personal life but also in campus life.

    Fraternities are looked at as the best value based leadership organization option for many young adult males despite negative media. Many young males excel in fraternities as better men and better citizens because of their close net social group and gaining access to more knowledge and support of being a part of something bigger.  

    Many males learn basic leadership skills like conflict resolution, teamwork, overcoming adversity, compromising, rationalization and public service. Things you can take into any job market.  Research, and consider becoming a fraternity member to build your college experience.

Being African-American in a Panhellenic Sorority

    Being African American in a White Sorority.

    This young African American female speaks on her PanHellenic sorority membership as being a good way to get involved in campus but it was also hard for her to get acclimated into the college environment.

    There is no right or wrong sorority despite her experience being judged for being a member of a predominantly traditional white sorority. Her main motivation is the idea of sisterhood and making connections when she joined. She emphasizes to everyone who wants to join a sorority to look at diversity over stereotypical thinking in joining a sorority. Explore and don’t feel obligated to join a sorority based on your race.

Sigma Alpha Mu (SAM) was founded in 1909 at the City College of New York as a fraternity of Jewish men. Currently they are no longer just integrating men of the Jewish faith. They welcome all men of good character. In this fraternity, SAM members will have an opportunity to not only build a brotherhood of friends, but help build the students into a stronger individual through community service, philanthropy, and leadership skills that will help through all your stages of life. Fraternities

Alpha Gamma Delta they work together to ensure that their living quarters feels like home. Each member contributes to the residence and the opportunity to participate in the growth of the chapter and continue sisterhood. Sororities

Omega Psi Phi founded in 1911 by three young black men at Howard University. The name was derived from the initials of the Greek phrase "friendship is essential to the soul." Overtime the fraternity has grown and there are over 700 chapters throughout the world including places like Germany, Bermuda and even Japan. One of the great things about this fraternity is the opportunities that it affords to the brothers who join not only career opportunities but chances to travel the world and meet all types of people who share the same ideals as them. Fraternities

Alpha Chi Omega has developed a great pride and a strong sense of sisterhood. A diverse group of individuals involved in many aspects of college life including academic honor societies, tutoring, drama, and varsity athletics to name a few. It is the bond at Alpha Chi Omega that is strengthened by love, loyalty, and friendship. Sororities