Apply for a Scholarship

The Image for the College Life magazine and the Anderton Foundation, Inc. scholarship helps underprivileged students between the ages of 17 to 21 who are seeking a higher education to help develop their skills and achieve their future goals. We want every young person to succeed in the career of his or her choice and we believe that every student should fulfill his or her life goals whether it's becoming an actor, nurse, engineer, graphic designer or waste management director.

Many students who have the skills to succeed and the desire to achieve more can't attend college because they don't have the financial resources, their family doesn't have the financial resources and they don't have the knowledge on how to apply for scholarships they may be qualified for.

"A college degree is increasingly important in a service and skill-oriented world, and many good jobs require at least some college education. While college attendance is rapidly increasing among high school graduates, not all students attend college, and many either take more than four years to finish or drop out. Students living in poverty are less likely to attend college than other students, and several other factors can affect college attendance." Source: by Van Thompson, Demand Media
We believe that education is important and financial assistance is necessary for these underprivileged students so that they can attend higher education institutions and be able to enter a competitive job market that has high demands and various levels of skill.

Today students face a number of factors that can hinder their chances of even attending college from their current unsupportive family environment, teen pregnancy and even poverty. But the cost of a college education and even a college application can be prohibitive for some students. On top of these social and economic barriers many students today are also faced with having a learning disability that extends to them having academic difficulties during high school. All of these decreasing the likelihood that a student will attend college but Image for the College Life magazine and the Anderton Foundation, Inc. know that even the smallest financial assistance can make a big difference and that's why we have our annual scholarship awards.

We issue a scholarship every year based upon funding availability and the selection process of an applicants submission. Our main goal is ensuring that young people succeed and applying for our scholarship is very easy. All you need to do is meet our qualifications, download our application, fill it out, attach the required documentation and submit.

    Here's How You Can Apply:

  • Must be between the ages of 17 to 21 years old
  • Must be in High School and Graduating with a HS Diploma
  • Attach a copy of your official HS Transcript with your GPA (2.5 or higher)
  • Attach two (2) letters of reference (one from a faculty member. A relative is not acceptable.)
  • Completed Application 500 Word Essay: clearly explain how this scholarship will assist you in achieving your educational and career goals. What institution you would like to attend and why?
  • State the amount of funds required to achieve your goals (award is not based upon your amount required)

By submitting your application you affirm the following: I herby certify that the information I have submitted is correct. I authorize the release of this information to members of the Anderton Foundation, Inc. Education Scholarship Committee and will provide additional information or verification upon request.

If granted the scholarship, I agree to the publication of my name and likeness by the Anderton Foundation Inc and Image for the College Life Magazine its publication and website. I agree to the conditions established for this scholarship award by Anderton Foundation Inc. I understand that this scholarship award is contingent upon the financial support of Anderton Foundation Inc. I understand that scholarship recipients must adhere to all scholarship guidelines.

Don't be discouraged if you are not selected, you can always take a look at all of our other scholarships listed within the pages of our 3D issue online publication or pick up a magazine near your school. Please mail your registration form and your 500 word essay to this mailing address (Scholarship Department. The Anderton Foundation, Inc. PO Box 352, New York, NY 10272) or email to