Importance of LinkedIn

LinkedIn has over 300 million+ users and more users are connecting each day. If you are thinking about conducting a job search, connecting with employers, or just want to find ways to maximize your usage of the site there are some helpful tips that will put the power of LinkedIn to work for you.

There are 3 clear reasons why you should have a LinkedIn account:

1) Expanding and Maintaining Your Network
LinkedIn helps you expand and maintain your professional network and is a resourceful tool made for this purpose. Not only are you able to remain in touch with your professional colleagues or friends but you get to introduce and meet new professionals in our career field.

If you are looking for a new job, LinkedIn puts you in touch with human resource professionals or the hiring manager for a position that interests you. You can even learn something about that person, and who you already know that might know him or her. So LinkedIn provides beneficial information.

So let’s look at the math on this:
Information = power and LinkedIn = information your only conclusion is by the transitive property, LinkedIn gives you the informational power you need to market yourself to a new employer, or even become part of a project, joint partnership or just share information too with others but how you use that power is up to you and your goals.

2) Create, Establish and Control Your Brand
Personal branding is the genie. People perform a given job function  and all have common denominators: skills and abilities. But how do you stack up against everyone else? Are you exceptional?

Marketing your skills and abilities is easy on LinkedIn so don’t be modest. We are all a brand but its how we separate ourselves from the masses that make us standout and how we find our unique value proposition.

LinkedIn ties in our skills and abilities, so when someone does a search for you, results from LinkedIn will easily shine and if they can’t find you, some recruiters will reject you for that reason alone. Think of LinkedIn as a big billboard with your name on it. It’s up to you what you want to put on it. Make sure you have a profile picture with a smile, get some recommendations & add your skills.

3) LinkedIn Owns the Recruiting Process
Talent acquisition. Nearly 97% of recruiters used LinkedIn to find new talent in various career industries. So if you are conducting a job search, make sure recruiters see accurate, and updated information on your background, experience, skills and strengths. It should match what you submit on your resume.

So there you have it! LinkedIn is one social professional site that is useful to you by providing information, being your marketing billboard to highlight your unique value proposition, and recruiters can easily access your professional profile and connect with you there.