Get Your Dream Job

Some people just know what they want to be in life and others just want to work for a specific company if you are one of these people, they generally are determined to get there.

Have a few companies in mind you really want to work for? Then you have to make it a point to keep up to date on their involvement, their investments and any new projects. You really have to keep them on your radar even before you decide to submit an application.

Keeping track of the company you want to work for offers several benefits. If you already happen to follow the company or subscribe to their newsletter via twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook someone probably already knows your name and may recognize it when you apply for a position.

Its always a good way to learn about an organization by researching what they do, where they are, and any other data, so when it comes time for the interview, you won't fumble and have to do the extra background research. Instead, you'll be able to answer questions and speak to your interviewer with genuine interest, enthusiasm, and provide feedback and give a well-formed opinion when they ask you what do you know about our company? Your knowledge will impress your interviewer and they generally might recall you at time of selecting a candidate for the position because you were able to tell them about a product or service they provided or even how they may have done some charity work that you happen to do yourself.

When you show an employer you are active and engaged, even as a non-employee, it fares well for you and how well you would potentially perform within the organization.

By staying updated via the company's newsletter, the most obvious benefit is knowing about the current open positions before competition. You will know the opportunities and monitor what type of employee the company is looking for thereby giving you a better chance of getting hired. You will know more than anyone else applying including getting a sense of the company's hiring process so that you can make good feasible decisions like what level of position you should apply for.

Below are some tips you can do to track your dream company for your dream job:

1) Follow the company on social media. With so many social media outlets it can be hard to catch up but stick with the most popular ones like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The likelihood of the company you are interested in having one is more than likely. Connect with them all and pay attention to their updates.

Connect on LinkedIn. View who your connections are within that company and check the company LinkedIn page for the latest job postings.

Look for specific hiring-related accounts. For example, the Huffington Post tweets job openings from @HuffPoJobs. If you scroll down the feed, you'll see a lot of users direct-tweeting questions about opportunities, and getting direct answers.

Clean up your profiles. If you're going to be interacting with a company on social media, you need to make sure your online presence is professional.

Bookmark job openings. Many companies have job openings page on their site. Bookmark these pages and make a habit of periodically reviewing them.

Make a schedule and set calendar notifications. If your goal is to apply for an annual program like a fellowship, or for a company's summer job openings, keep an Excel document listing all of the important dates and deadlines, and set notifications.

Reach out to the company. It never hurts to ask a question like if a job you've been eyeing has been filled or if the company is looking to fulfill a certain type of position. Don't be afraid to get in touch. It's a good demonstration to the company human resource department of your enthusiasm and interest.