Helpful Video for Models or Actors

How To Find A Modeling Agency

Find a reputable agency not a modeling school or company. Your agency should be one that makes money when the model makes money and its one you can trust. Learn more in this video on what to look out for and how you should represent yourself by a model in the industry.

Why Buffie the Body Left the Hip Hop Industry

She also talks about how new models messed up their future income by baring it all and how the industry changed financially in all areas from fashion, hosting events, photo shoots, websites, calendars and videos.

Working With Models Tips

Learn what an average photo shoot is from before it starts, during and after. Why you should talk to your photographer? What type of pictures will you be taking? What is in the model release and when should you sign it? What will you be wearing? How you will pose during a shoot and more great tips.

7 Modeling Tips for Beginners

Learn key tips from a model and model manager in the industry of what you need to know to be better especially if you are a beginner in the industry. Expect the chaotic in this industry but practice the keys to success in the industry like active listening, learning the craft, and being patient to name a few.