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Cosplay is a performance art and can be a hobby in which people adorn themselves in costume, makeup, and elaborate accessories to represent or mimic a character whether from a video game, movie or cartoon animation. The word Cosplay was first termed by Nobuyuki Takahashi while attending the 1983 WorldCon in Los Angeles.

Cosplayers interact to create a subculture around role-playing. Cosplayers will even choose to cosplay as an original character of their own design. They get their ideas from sources that include manga, anime, comic books, films, TV series and theatre. A lot of time is taken in creating each costume in detail and quality.

Cosplayers will go to extremes to educate themselves in the arts of craft and design technique, even studying fashion textiles, sculpture, face painting, fiberglass, fashion design, and uses of materials to make their costume as accurate as possible.

The world of cosplay has grown is a phenomenon of pop culture that it has even influenced Japanese street fashion.

Types of Cosplay:
1. Anime Cosplay
2. Video Game Cosplay
3. Film & TV Cosplay

Royale' Creative

What is a Cosplayer?

Cosplayers are artists who sew, make, craft, style and build costumes. Many people want to be successful like cosplayer Marie-Claude Bourbonnais, YayaHan and Alodia as great examples. Cosplay models attend conventions, trade shows, or host to make an appearance as a guest. Their travel arrangements and accommodations are generally paid and sometimes their badge and booth fees. This is where most cosplays can sell their personal brands of cosplay accessories, prints, clothing and even calendars. This is the lucrative side for cosplays as their merchandise is their source of income and their product becomes more known. Many cosplayers have the business skills they need as long as they are passionate about what they are doing. With that, they find their niche, build a fan base and get sponsors and jobs to attend shows. Many of the skills a cosplayer has are in the field of the arts with attainable markets like: Wig or Hairstylist, Costume or Set Designer, and Makeup Artist.


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