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Anita - Unique Body Wear

Anita Unique Body Wear is a family owned and operated business that started in 1886 by Ernst Max Helbig. They started producing corsets and body-belts for women in early 1900 and trended to making niche high quality lingerie products for women like nursing bras, maternity panties, and girdles. Then in the 1970's the company ventured into fashion swimsuits, breast prothesis and post-mastectomy bras and eventually fitness wear. Anita has over 100 years of women's fashion design experience and understands the function and form of a woman's body. Their fitness wear is very comfortable, form fitting and functional.

We all know as women that doing any sporting activity can be difficult especially if you have a large bust but with "Anita active sports bra with its reliable function design supports, shapes and encompasses the bust so that movement and uncomfortable 'pulling' is minimal." This is great news because a supporting sports bra prevents 'bouncing', and stretching, of the sensitive breast fatty tissue which is what all women need and Anita Unique Body Wear has perfected the science of fashion support, comfort, design and functionality.

Made in the USA is Hard Tail Forever

Made in the USA is Hard Tail Forever. They have a line of beautifully colored clothing of fitness workout wear to casual wear. Its founder, Dick Cantrell, is in his own way the American dream. A sole proprietor of this multi-million dollar company he decided to create stylish, comfortable and functional pre and post workout clothing for men and women.

Hard Tails biggest match was dance studios and yoga. Their clothing can be seen everywhere because their clothing is comfortably soft and weightless from cottons, silks, fleece, corduroy and cashmere.

Workout wear is not the only clothing dressing the patrons of Hard Tail but tops, dresses, tunics, jeans, outwear and casual tops too! With such a wide selection your bound to find just the right style, look, color and fit with Hard Tail Forever.


In 2007, PSD underwear was created by two brothers Ryan and Curt Flaitz from upstate new York and although they believed that the fashion industry was flooded with so many brands that many consumers could not identify themselves with any particular brand. Ryan and Curt set out to market, and grow a new fashion customer base utilizing Ryan’s artistic skills and Curt’s business marketing skills. PSD was born, a company that offered consumers a variety of graphical hand-drawn designs that were styled in vibrant color. Their underwear brand was retro and unique to their consumer. They could identify with these fresh looks one design at a time and this became PSD’s “Era of Change.”

Red Daisy Fashion

Phylise Sands created the Brand Red Daisy because she was a fitness lover and her brand provides all women of all shapes and sizes flawless support, comfort, affordability, contemporary styles and designs. All of Red Daisy sports garments are perfectly crafted with the finest materials creating a standard for quality high fashion sports performance wear from her sporting bras, fitness tights and even intimates you will have feel the enhanced comfort, bounce control and freedom of movement during any physical activity. Special fabrics used in Red Daisy products are soft against the skin for maximum comfort and performance.

Untested Fitness Tanks

Your tank top may look modest when you're standing up, but it becomes X-rated as soon as you bend over to do push-ups. To avoid flashing everyone at the gym, check your top view from a variety of different angles before leaving home. Bend forward, reach and lean sideways and do jumping jacks to assess the bounce factor. "I had a woman in one of my spin classes who was rather busty," she says. "Her sports bra didn't fit, and riding the bike was causing her breasts to spill out all over the place. It was very distracting to everyone in the class—including me!" Cleavage-proof tanks have a higher neckline that stylishly limits indecent exposure. For those who require extra support, Anita offers an option for DDD athletes.

Watch out for baggy Sweatpants

Long, baggy pants can catch on exercise machines like stationary bikes, where the hem can get stuck on the pedals or the water bottle holder. Your best options for most classes are capris, slim-fitting long pants or shorts.